Best entrepreneur award from Lush and couturier Lifestyle Runway Fashion show and Awards Season1 Winner — Aisha Farha

Aisha Farha is the founder of the Parizah skin and hair care brand which is based in Bengaluru. Aisha was born and brought up in Bengaluru and as for her education, she has completed her postgraduate diploma in Clinical Research carrying her passion towards makeup as she is also a certified makeup artist.

Parizah is Aisha Farha’s baby brand and the word “Parizah” means beautiful angel and a flower. Aisha believes that her brand truly does the magic according to the meaning it stands for. Currently, the business is flying high with bright colors and it impacts the market as quenching the thirst for fairness and beauty is always going to fascinate humans and it is every individual’s need to enhance their inner and outer beauty.

At Parizah, the team formulates innovative luxurious skin and hair care products that give long-lasting and radiant beauty alongside authentic ingredients made from nature without the use of any harmful chemicals. Parizah helps with facial flushing of toxins, which gives radiance and glow in a natural way it also solves hair concerns with the use of natural ingredients and offers a one-stop solution for all hair problems.

Parizah aims to help people feel beautiful and confident without the use of makeup. The company’s future goal is to increase consciousness regarding healthy skin and to work hard towards achieving that goal. This is to ensure both men and women can flaunt glowing skin without makeup and blissful hair.

In her journey as a makeup artist, Aisha Farha always believed in enhancing an individual’s beauty which is gifted to them by the Universe. During this time, she came across many people feeling confident about themselves only when they used to wear makeup.

That’s when she started working on new things, new learnings, and experimenting with products that would help every individual look beautiful with their bare skin and love themselves for who they naturally are. Through every aspect of her life, Aisha Farha’s inspiration is her parents who always guided her while making crucial decisions in life, stood by her side and walked with her in every phase of life together.

The urge to help individuals with their concerns related to skin and hair care and offer them a solution with the help of natural products that are effective in giving radiant beauty and are long-lasting was the reason why Aisha started her business. Aisha is a unique entrepreneur as her ability to take strong decisions and her attitude of never giving up in any situation is what boosts her morals into a passion.

She loves to learn new things and most importantly, Aisha has learned that it is important to make mistakes so that you don’t repeat them. Her learnings as an entrepreneur have been to stay strong and never give up, be patient, and be self-motivated.

An advice Aisha Farha would like to give to budding entrepreneurs is to make short and long-term plans, always think about solving problems, work on your core strengths, and set big yet practical goals for yourself.

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