Empowering and encouraging people to pursue their hobbies through her set-up

Tanushree Priyadarshini – Founder, Spectrum World, Mumbai

Established in 2013, Spectrum World ( is the best place to nourish one’s artistic skill whether it’s art, music, painting, etc. It started with its first wing i.e. Academy and then Events. Following this, they started Spectrum Films in the year of 2015. And then went on to expand their boundaries to Spectrum Creations in the year of 2017 followed by Spectrum Art Gallery and Exhibition in the year of 2022. They have successfully reached and expanded its horizon to many countries like the UK, US, Dubai, Paris, etc. With an initial capital investment of 2 lakh this venture was started by Tanushree Priyadarshini as a hobby class to nurture talents, which has now become a 2 Crore turnover company.

Tanushree started this venture at 35. She is BSc (Physics) with MCA, and worked in IT industry for nearly 5 years and took a break from her active career for 5 years to support the childhood of my daughter. However, she aimed to start a business of her own in 2012. Being in the finance and entertainment capital of the country and looking at the environment around her, she started a small set up where people of any age can pursue their hubbies. This led to the birth of Spectrum Academy. Her passion for being a self-made businesswoman and her dedication led her to being at this place in last 12 years. There’s no looking back since she started by her own. Today, all the three entities are fully operational. Spectrum Academy deals in hobby classes; Spectrum Films and events LLP deals with events and music & video production and Spectrum Creations deals in Interior Designing & Art exhibition activities.

According to Tanushree, Spectrum World has been developed as a natural place for the people from different sections of the society to pursue their hobbies.  This also worked as a platform for the artists to enhance their ability and talents. Spectrum is a bliss to the millions in their busy and stressful life through events and activities. The entity is also nurturing and prospering the fine arts and artists.

Currently Spectrum academy focuses on hobby classes. There are online and offline classes. Students from foreign countries are also availing these online classes. Spectrum Films and Events deals with corporate events, mall events, wedding events, cultural events, food fest, flee market etc and managing YouTube channels. While Spectrum creations works exclusively on Interior designing, organising art exhibitions and selling paintings, dealing in sculptors trading. Tanushree believes that through entertainment and hobbies, one can relieve stress and strain of life. With so much being discussed about well-being of mental health, pursuing one’s hobbies can actually be invigorating and a natural solution to deal with life’s pressure.

With excitement Tanushree tells us that,

“The core USP of Spectrum World is our quality and compassion. We believe in the principle that the industry we are working in does not have any saturation or sun set.  In fact, after the pandemic business has likely expanded multi-fold.”

She feels empowered to employ others, which in a way helps other to fetch a suitable job for themselves. Her inspiration is her self-confidence to do something of her own and her husband has always been the pillar of strength, who always supported her at every point of her life. She is a people’s person and admires the people around her, namely her staffs, and other family members who encouraged her to run the show. Like any other entrepreneur, Tanushree too had to face her share of difficulties while starting her own venture. However, problems she faced was short-term in nature. Running hobby classes in commercial buildings, security issues for women, issues from students and teachers, dealing with pandemic, fighting in male dominated society were few of her hinderances. But, her faith in herself, trust in her employees and trust in God always resulted in solving all the obstacles.

In this field of work, she feels, little bit of knowledge of marketing, finance and operations along with an enormous amount of self-belief, confidence and dedication is essential for starting the business. The knowledge of the technology and trends helps along with it. Knowledge of the current trend is also essential, using social media for creating awareness, ability to mould one for new challenges, always striving for new opportunities, sticking to the quality and professionalism, building confidence among the people around you, helps in the long run.

Her hard work paid off when she was being recognised by industry bodies and felicitated accordingly. Uptill now, she has been the recipient of National Women’s leadership award, Most innovative multi-dance academy in Mumbai, India’s leading organization for enhancing & nourishing artistic skill, and Outstanding women entrepreneur & leader in creative industry. Surely these all boosts the confidence to carry on with the outstanding work she has been doing.

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