Making the Most of the Second Chance He got at Life — Dr. Sirsendu Chakraborty

A 28-year-old human being who cares about his surroundings, Dr. Sirsendu Chakraborty founded Emiratex24 Private Limited ( when he was 22.

Chakraborty hailed from a middle-class family and he never had ordinary dreams and his friends and family also always reminded him that his dreams were too big to be accomplished.

He always tried to ignore them and what they said, and kept working hard till he was able to turn his dreams into reality as he is the owner of an immigration company with a team of skilled people working under him. Today, Dr. Sirsendu Chakraborty is helping millions of people turn their dreams of settling abroad into reality with utmost care and loyalty.

His attitude of never giving up and years of patience and hard work have offered him fruitful results and he is proud of where he is in life today. Dr. Sirsendu Chakraborty also holds various accolades for his company and the brand is recognized across the country.

Emiratex24 Private Limited is an immigration company based in Bangalore and it was founded in 2018. Presently, the business is running successfully and the company aims to assure that people’s trust is regained in immigration companies and they are able to benefit from their services without any second thoughts. With utmost loyalty, Chakraborty and his team members serve society and hope that people are happy with their service.

Emiratex24 Private Limited helps millions of people get entrepreneurship, investment visa and Permanent resident visa to their dream countries. The team briefly consults with the client and their requirements and fulfills all the legal proceedings and files of their client and answers and clears all the doubts of the clients as it can be challenging to move to a different country.

The team helps their respective clients as due to lack of knowledge, negligence, and poor  quality services, clients often don’t trust immigration companies easily so the company allows its clients to gain trust and allow them to render their services. Emiratex24 Private Limited believes in the higher power of dreams and possibilities. The team takes pride in believing that if you dream it, you can achieve it.

The future goal of the business is to grow internationally and to give a higher quality of service to people across the globe. The team has already started working on future projects and crossing new boundaries every day. Dr. Sirsendu Chakraborty’s hunger of becoming a worldwide name and to start a different and unique company in the immigration industry is what encouraged him to start his business.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Sirsendu Chakraborty struggled a lot as his story is a little emotional yet daring. He was incredibly sick when he started his company and he was diagnosed with a rare liver infection due to contaminated water in Delhi, and he was hospitalized for 17 days. Soon after he recovered, Chakraborty gathered courage and self-will and started working on his dream.

What makes him unique as an entrepreneur is that he allows his employees to talk like human beings without using scripts to promote the business and he taught them everything and above all to understand the needs of the market. Ever since childhood, he had a habit of questioning and analyzing every small thing.

This helps him make better decisions in life both personally and professionally. His learnings throughout his entrepreneurial journey have been to follow his passion and keep looking forward. Dr. Sirsendu Chakraborty’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is that everyone is born for a unique reason so you should find the reason for which you’ve been brought to earth and work for it.

Emiratex24 Private Limited has won several awards including Millennium Brilliance Award 2021 for the best immigration company in Bangalore and Delhi), Asian Excellence Award 2022 from actress Mrs. Madhuri Dixit Nene (best immigration company in India), Bharat Gaurav Shree Samman 2022 from Govt of India 2022 lifetime achievement (International entrepreneurship), World Human Rights Commission 2022 lifetime achievement honorable doctorate (International Entrepreneurship), International Excellence Award 2022 From Actor Mr. Sonu Sood (Entrepreneur of the year in immigration consultation), and Bango Gaurav Samman 2022 lifetime achievement. (entrepreneurship)

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