Founder Magazine’ applauds those innovative small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs who have transformed the way startups were perceived long ago – by escalating the business trends. Leaving the conventional ideologies and business strategies aside, they have brought a revolution in the market with their innovative ventures. The rapid growth of businesses has not only triggered the markets but has given back to the community as well, in one way or the other. These young entrepreneurs who are blessed with creative minds have kicked off their businesses like a pro despite the lack of experience in entrepreneurship. Their success stories well deserve to be showcased before the larger audience.

Founder magazine’ is dedicated to all those highly motivational success stories of entrepreneurs who didn’t let the challenges in their way fade their vision. That young brigade of entrepreneurs with limited resources & undying greed to reach those heights, and those first generation start-up owners who have made it big in no time, have revolutionised the markets exceptionally through their innovative ideas. This well exposed adept squad of entrepreneurs has defined new horizons of businesses that are committed to take the next big leap soon.

We are celebrating the victory of these iconic entrepreneurs and their small businesses/ start ups, who found their calling for venturing into extraordinary businesses. These game changers have dared to dream big and have eventually built their business empire from absolutely ‘nothing’. Their passion, experimentation dedication and remarkable endeavours have carved out exceptional places in the marketplace.

With our explicit editorial lens, we bring out the ‘success stories’ of those ‘small town’ individuals who visualized a larger spectrum and trusted their instincts to actualize their dreams. Their keen vision and exceptional sense of responsibility has turned their passion into a revenue stream of ‘lacs to crores’. We motivate these futuristic business persons who have managed their ‘work- life balance’ commendably, and endeavor to bring these new age entrepreneurs the deserved recognition who have aced at the entrepreneurial front. We admire these ‘writers of their own destiny’, whose motivational stories of relentless efforts may idealize many aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their ventures as well.

Founder Magazine’ is an iconic platform that gives you an insight of emerging business and young founders who take us through their entrepreneurial journey and the emotional roller coaster ride they went through while evolving and fostering their brand. We bring before the readers a mix of top stories of small scale business entrepreneurs who share their personal reflections and confessions, hues of success, joy, sorrow and fear, highs & lows, and the secrets on how they put together everything to outshine in an era of experienced market players.