Architect Harsshal Amrritkar: Passion, Creativity, and Uniqueness in Design

Harsshal Amrritkar is the director and owner of a design firm located in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. He has a profound passion for exploring innovative design concepts and strives to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. His interest in architecture was sparked when he actively participated in guiding workers during the construction of his family’s house. This experience ignited his passion for the field, leading him to seek more knowledge and hands-on experience in architecture since 2012. Finally, in 2016, Harsshal took the leap and established his own firm.

Over the past two years, Harsshal’s firm has experienced substantial growth and has earned a solid reputation, with clients consistently happy with the outcomes. The business has a positive impact on society, providing clients with spaces that offer a sense of peace and contentment.

In his architectural endeavors, Harsshal specializes in designing living spaces that not only meet clients’ demands but also showcase his creativity. He believes in resolving issues through imaginative and unique design solutions that leave a lasting impact on clients’ minds.

The firm’s unique selling point lies in its commitment to creating one-of-a-kind designs that embrace a tropical aesthetic while incorporating modern elements and utilizing locally sourced materials. This approach results in opulent spaces with an international appeal, blending tradition with contemporary style.

Looking ahead, Harsshal plans to continue the firm’s growth by further elevating service levels to cater to clients’ needs and exploring possibilities for expansion.

The driving force behind Harsshal’s entrepreneurial journey is his fervent desire to make a positive difference in clients’ lives by transforming their spaces into havens of happiness and comfort.

He draws inspiration from Shri Ramesh Edwankar Sir, a mentor from Pune, Maharashtra, who encouraged him to persistently pursue his passion despite encountering challenges.

As an entrepreneur, Harsshal faced various struggles, such as managing tight deadlines and staying within budget. To overcome these challenges, he remains vigilant about timelines and finds effective solutions to adhere to budget constraints. Additionally, he invests time in creating detailed 3D representations, which showcase his skills and persuade clients to finalize projects.

In the initial stages, Harsshal received vital support from his family to establish the business. Market analysis and adequate funding were also crucial factors in laying the foundation of his firm. Furthermore, a skilled and dedicated team played a pivotal role in the firm’s success.

Harsshal’s uniqueness as an entrepreneur lies in his adept negotiation skills, his enthusiasm for continuous learning, and his strong work ethic. These personal traits have significantly contributed to his professional growth.

Among all the projects he has undertaken, Harsshal cherishes each one dearly. However, a project that holds a special place in his heart is the one for a generous and kind-hearted client working in LIC. This project allowed Harsshal to demonstrate his creativity and successfully address all challenges.

When it comes to sustainable and green architecture, Harsshal firmly believes that it is the responsibility of designers to give back to nature in appreciation for the gifts it provides.

Understanding the psychology and requirements of clients is essential for an architect. By aligning with clients’ thoughts and integrating their needs into the designs, designers can ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Through his entrepreneurial journey, Harsshal has learned the importance of being proactive in tackling challenges, demonstrating courage in the face of adversity, and balancing the welfare of people with the growth of the business.

His message to budding architects and designers is to have a genuine love for their work and to find joy in their creative endeavors.

As a testament to his exceptional work, Harsshal’s firm was recognized and awarded at the India Design Awards in 2023.