From Clients to Family: The Heartwarming Connection of Ferroart

Sagar Bhadbhade and Leena Bhadbhade are the founders of Ferroart Interiors Pvt. Ltd., a dynamic design company based in Nagpur, India. Sagar, an engineering graduate with a master’s in business management, possesses a keen eye for design and an innate sense of style. Alongside his wife Leena, they have created a unique space where art merges seamlessly with technology.

At Ferroart, they take pride in their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, allowing them to create custom-designed furniture and handle the entire process in-house. Their dedication to excellence extends to their 20,000 sqft interior experience center, where clients can truly immerse themselves in various interior styles and trends.

The couple’s passion for the law of attraction, vibration theory, and saptachakra balancing has led them to infuse their designed spaces with positive energy. Ferroart goes beyond creating functional and aesthetically pleasing places, aiming to make each space vibrate with positivity.

Since their inception in 1995, Ferroart has evolved into a private limited design company, specializing in turnkey interior projects across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and neighboring states. Their in-house manufacturing capabilities have significantly reduced project timelines, making construction and interior work parallel processes.

Their unique selling proposition lies in providing turnkey interiors with factory-like finishing, taking just half the usual time. They believe in using wood, metal, fabric, leather, and other materials skillfully to create distinctive looks and feels for each space.

Sagar draws inspiration from his extensive travels and a profound connection with nature. For him, understanding the natural surroundings, clients’ dreams, and plans is just as crucial as the technical and aesthetic aspects of design. Being a good listener and having a friendly, understanding nature enables them to forge strong connections with clients.

Ferroart’s projects not only showcase brilliant designs but also exude positivity and happiness. The couple firmly believes that their thoughts, emotions, and aura contribute to the essence of each project. Their genuine connections with clients often lead to long-lasting relationships, with clients becoming an integral part of the Ferroart family.

The joy of their work is evident in the numerous projects they handle, and they take great pride when the next generation of clients seeks their services. Their success and dedication have earned them accolades, including the Times Business Awards 2021 for Best Turnkey Interior Designer and the National Business and Services Achiever’s Award 2021.

At Ferroart Interiors, it’s not just about crafting beautiful spaces; it’s about creating a harmonious fusion of art, technology, and positive energy that leaves a lasting impact on their clients’ lives. Their passion, vision, and commitment to excellence continue to drive them forward on their journey of transforming spaces into vibrant, uplifting environments.