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Rahul Kshirsagar – Founder, Aakanksha Jewellers

At the age of 20, in the year 2003, Rahul Kshirsagar started Aakanksha Jewellers in Pune with a capital investment of less than a crore, and today his firm clocks a turnover of 50+ crore annually. It wasn’t just a change that happened in a day, it took few years to take a decision to start a business in Gold and Silver. But once started, there wasn’t any looking back. Working as an employee in a same industry, helped Rahul gain in-depth knowledge about every aspect of this sector, further he kept learning in order to keep up with the latest trends in the market.

In past two decades Aakanksha Jewellers have established themselves as a reputed and trusted brand, and have been creating good traction on social media with latest design. They are known to provide their clients with best quality BIS 916 Hallmark HUID Certified Gold Jewellery with lowest making charges and best of the designs customized specially for them, and the best part is exemplary after sales service, which has created a niche in Pune itself.

Generally, in this highly competitive market, jewellers do not care much once the product is sold. But at Aakanksha Jewellers, after sales service is taken seriously. They provide lifetime guarantee of the jewellery they sell to their customers. Going ahead Rahul wants to convert his venture in to private limited company with branches spread across various cities in the country. As an entrepreneur Rahul idolizes Ratan Tata, he draws inspiration from this veteran industrialist, and his humbleness and down to earth attitude encourages him to always give it back to the society where one operates.

Through his life experience he learned that to live a livelihood one should do a job, but to grow rich one should get into business. He started his life in the jewellery workshops and learned it all from scratch, and thus formed a business acumen over the years of functioning. According to him,

“My positive attitude always helped me to work peacefully in my profession. That is my strength. And I always kept an open mind to learn things, that also helped me to grow in my journey.”

Rahul feels that it is essential to work as trainee with other organizations, in order to learn the nuts and bolts of the trade. It gives you confidence as you have already practiced on it. This confidence then becomes your power and takes you a long way.

So far, Aakanksha Jewellers have been rightly applauded for their effort and have been rightly recognized by industry bodies. It has received several awards, some of them are – Rahi Kadam Inspiration Awards 2019, Narishakti Purskar 2020, The Global Icons of India 2021, and India Excellence Award 2022.

Before signing off, Rahul has few tips for young entrepreneurs – he feels that if one thinks to start a venture, even 1000 bucks is sufficient. Start small, move forward slowly and steadily, and in coming days it will definitely grow into a large entity.

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