Exceeding client expectations through innovation and creativity

Naresh Manhas & Sukhwinder Singh – Founders, Urban NS Event

Bangalore based Urban NS Event was established with a purpose to provide one stop solutions for all event related hassles. It specializes in corporate events, entertainment, digital marketing and talent management. Founded in 2019, Urban NS Event has fast grown to be the most happening event organizer in town. Their experienced and talented team is behind this success.

Naresh Manhas & Sukhwinder Singh founded Urban NS Event with a capital investment of around 50K when they were in their mid-twenties. The firm now clocks a turnover of 1.5 Cr due to their huge popularity among party animals. This duo hails from Punjab and like any Punjabi they love to interact with all kinds of people, both professionally and informally. This in a way helps to gain more traction. According to Naresh,

“After becoming an event organizer, we are getting a chance to engage with all of our skills and it always keeps us mentally stimulated! We have great social skills for interacting with clients, venues, guests and suppliers and we also have the knack for organizing the best event in the city. We love to do more for our guest and make them happy.”

Urban NS organizes events which eventually turns out to be a reason for socializing among various individuals and business houses. Multiple brand awareness happens through sponsors, and attendees get a golden chance to develop connection with the society, discuss business and make profit which eventually helps the economy of our country.

Urban NS events is a creative event agency passionate in delivering exceptional results for its customers. With its incredibly high standards, creativity, and experience, the firm tends to always exceed customer expectations, and spread positive word-of-mouth. As per Sukhwinder,

“We combine your big ideas with our professionalism, add a generous dash of innovation, and then bring all the details together, using our thorough and methodical approach. The result is a fantastic and memorable event of exceptional quality.”

Taking this event management business at an international level is the next big target that the Punjabi duo has set for themselves and are working towards the same. They feel, hosting an event is an amazing opportunity to get a deeper connection between their message and the audience they try to reach, and in-person event creates the opportunity for human connection that is missed in online interactions. There is nothing like the energy that is formed through people meeting face to face. Being an event organizer, provides them a unique opportunity to become social and make profit.

Initial days weren’t easy for these young founders. Creating own guest list and reaching out to people wasn’t convincing enough. Then they started to plan with better ideas like creating business accounts on social media and eventually now have a good count of guest, and with well-known venue in place, things have become easier to manage.

Being awarded as “Indian Icon Award for Emerging Curator of the Year, 2022” have pumped up their energy to the next level. Even though they were doing great in the event management space, a recognition of such order always enhances credibility. To young entrepreneurs who wants to get into event planning,  knowing audience and proper planning would play a vital role in its success – that’s what the founders of Urban NS feel.



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