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Dillraj L Bhatia- Owner, DBEL Studio


Dillraj L Bhatia, the founder of DBEL Studio’, which is ‘a one-stop’ outlet for architectural & decorative lighting, conceptualizes lighting solutions for residential and commercial projects. She is a graduate in Architecture from SSAA, New Delhi who holds a certificate in Architectural Studies from the AA School of Architecture, London. She was fortunate enough for bagging the opportunity to work with some of the renowned architects, nationwide, in the initial years of her career.  Sharing the mission for ‘DBEL Studio’, the Lighting designer reflects, “Unconventional forms, clean lines and alliance with modern influences are the hallmarks of my lighting offerings”. 


She adheres to the sustainable ways of lighting with a keen focus on natural light. A self-taught artist, Dillraj has participated in and curated numerous exhibitions to showcase her passion for art and design. She perceives lighting as the highlight of interiors but feels that unfortunately, lighting is seen as an afterthought by many; so desires to change that perception. 


With ‘DBEL Studio’, she envisions to bring the best out of a revamped space. Being a passionate designer, she wishes to spread awareness about the vitality of lighting in enhancing the interiors of every space, and stresses on the psychological and physiological impact lighting has on one’s mind and body. 


“To me, decorative lighting is like an aesthetic piece of art that can significantly enhance the overall look of a space and add to its vibe. In all my projects done so far, I have successfully proved that how dramatically a space changes by just bringing transformations in the lighting layout”, she asserts. 


Dillraj Bhatia believes that every designer is unique in designing his/her creative concepts. 

“I predominantly admire the design sense of Gino Sarfatti, an Italian designer and pioneer of the mid-century modern movement whose designs were the embodiment of lighting principles – practical, yet beautiful and always multi-directional”, she reflects while disclosing her idol.

Her struggle as ‘a Lighting Designer’ began the day she stepped into this distinctive industry, accepting the fact that lighting in India isn’t given the deserved attention. 

“It’s always been a secondary thought for people to spend on lighting”, she exclaims.


So, from drawing these interests to experimenting with innovative designs and material- every bit has contributed to her struggle. 


“Owing to the boom and extensive range of products in the industry, we see light fixtures made out of something as delicate as paper, to high quality metal, from wood to cane, glass, and the list can go on…. Every material requires a specific skill set for fabrication and we put our best foot forward to reach out to the experts for the same”, she says with administration.


Carving out a place in the market with the simplest yet elegant and modern fixtures added to the challenges for her venture. 

“When I say the word ‘luxury’ it draws a contrasting picture in the minds of every individual. For some, it might mean a sleek brass line with linear lighting, for others, it might mean grand crystal chandeliers with a Victorian touch. We struggle to maintain the balance between modern designs and the idea of luxury one perceives in one’s mind”, Dillraj confesses. 


She recalls her journey of venturing into lighting industry with ‘DBEL Studio’ by admitting that the market for lighting products in India wasn’t really much explored and people never really bothered about the interior lightings, and eventually would not willingly pay for something that didn’t hold as much importance as the color, decor, tiling, and fittings in their homes. So, for her, the opportunity to step into the field had been exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.


 “While DBEL Studio’s inception in 2017, we knew that our target market was limited and thereby, faced the challenges of not only developing the interests in people but also in creating designs that would suit their individual preferences! Each year, we strive to exhibit unique designs to evolve in the market. Our focus is not just the product supply but we also look forward to encourage the passionate architects/designers to showcase simple products in innovative ways”, says the passionate Lighting Designer. 


Dillraj L Bhatia is in awe of Simplicity

She draws inspiration from simple things and believes that simplicity has always been her preference as a designer which imparts her immense sense of satisfaction. 

“By simplicity, I mean straight lines, subtle and modern designs. However, I always try to play around with all sorts of materials including brass, glass, steel and many more”, she says.



‘DBEL Studio’ has been awarded with ‘Best Architectural Lighting’ by Estate Awards 2019

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