With a present turnover of 25 lakhs, Harshini A L is a 25-year-old who started her business in trading at the age of 23

Before she became a full-time trader, Harshini worked as a web developer and consultant at L&T infotech and Finserve Private Limited. While she was doing good in her career, Harshini always wanted to do something more in her life which could take her to the next level.

Harshini’s journey started 5 years ago when she initially considered trading as a side hustle and used to trade whenever she got the free time. The idea of being able to trade the market and make an income kept her looking for it. Back in 2020, Harshini had to make a decision whether she needed to continue the safe path of being an employee or if she should take the leap to build her own business. That’s how her journey started as a full-time trader.

Currently, Harshini’s company is a team of 10 people and they have trained around 1500 students. The team has successfully transformed the lives of 1500 people and they continue the effort to help people attain knowledge and a better future for themselves and their families.

Tradit Academy LLP’s motto is to educate people on the importance of investment and trading and also to guide and train them to trade or invest on their own in the right way.

The company trains people who are interested in learning to trade and helps them to become independent traders and build wealth. Tradit’s USP is an Advanced Technical Analysis course from the basics to advanced concepts designed with simple and graphical explanations included, especially to develop an independent trader.

The desire to become a better version of herself and the opportunity to share the knowledge and experience she gained over the years to help others build a path in the Stock Market encouraged her to start her venture Tradit Academy LLP. Apart from trading, Harshini trains beginners and commits herself to helping educate women by training them with techniques of trading. The main motto of Tradit Academy LLP is to reach the maximum number of people and educate them regarding the importance of Investment and Trading and also to guide them to be independent Traders/Investors.

When Harshini decided to launch her business, the world was hit by covid. With the lockdown coming to play, Harshini went through difficulties in life. Instead of being hopeless, Harshini shifted her focus from the outside world to the inside. She decided to build herself and worked on strategies and methods which would help people to stay consistent in the market.

She took a break from all social media platforms and family functions, and meetups and dedicated her two years to improving, practicing her knowledge and designing the Technical Analysis course which helps any common man to learn stock market trading. Harshini’s vision is to build a Financially independent generation. Her passion for growth and commitment to the professional development of others has helped her keep herself focused on her journey.

An advice Harshini has for people starting out in the industry is to think from another person’s filter, starting from the customer. You must ensure that you need to listen to yourself and go by your instincts and to never give up.

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