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Biplab Basu – Director, Petuk Restaurant

Petuk Restaurant started its journey in 2014, with a sole mission to become a meaningful resource for catering industry. All the professionals at Petuk are masters of their trade and everyone brings with them a unique set of expertise, thereby adding value to the overall eating experience of the customers. Since inception, Petuk Restaurant believes in presenting varieties of foods in a way that is quite unique, unexplored, and unhindered. It wants to showcase the possibilities that are immense and unending. It specializes in Chinese and Tandoor items and have been delighting the foodies of Kolkata with its lip smacking preparations, which has been the talk-of-the-town for a while now.

In last eight years, Petuk’s journey has been a smooth ride under the able leadership of its founder, Biplab Basu – a hospitality graduate from Pailan College of Management, followed by a MBA degree from Amity University, who ventured into this restaurant business at an early age of 26. He hails from a family of doctors and was definitive about not turning to be another doctor in his family. Instead, he wanted to be his own boss and do something of his own that would stand out. That’s how he made his entrepreneurial plunge and have been successfully sailing through, since then.

Petuk is currently a 40 lac turnover company that’s winning hearts of Kolkata foodies and wish to spread its aroma across other Indian cities in the near future. Even though Biplab is a reserved person who doesn’t talk too much, his business acumen in shaping up Petuk speaks volume. According to him,

“In this hospitality industry we face lot of problems. As we work with perishable products there is always a high chance of wastage. Hence, we need to take care of that first else it ends up in terrible losses. Secondly, competition is so tough that each and every day or other a new restaurant is coming up we have to cope up with them.”

Some of the key pillars on which Petuk is delivering success are quality, behaviour and hygiene. The restaurant is harping on these factor as their USP and gaining success over the years. Biplab feels that the future is bright. Due to pandemic situation for the last two years hospitality sector has been effected badly. But once we all come out of it, the industry is guaranteed to boom. Currently the focus of Petuk is on catering/banquet division.  Simultaneously, they are looking for investors who are ready to invest in catering and also help in the expansion program in Bangalore & Delhi.

Before starting off, Biplab has worked in few hotels and learnt a lot about management, marketing, promotions and also the operational aspect of hotel sector which is an integral part of this industry. After learning all these aspects first hand and when he was confident about starting all by his own, he took the next step forward and plunged in, and thereafter there’s no looking back. He is professionally inspired by his own mother who is a Gynaecologist and even at 75+ years of age, she is practicing with same zeal and enthusiasm as she started her career.

As a successful and caring entrepreneur, Biplab is very mindful about his employees who work relentlessly and are the heart and soul of the company and the brand. It’s because of their collective effort, Petuk is able to generate happy customers. He tries to address the concerns of his employees and remains by their side in their time of distress. Also, as a businessman one should be able to analyse various situations and don’t shy away in saying “No” wherever it is needed. While sharing his learning as an entrepreneur, this Bengali businessman tells us,

“In order to be a good entrepreneur one should work closely with the employees and see how things are being done. At least one day in a week we should be working with the employees to understand what’s happening at ground level, what kind of challenges they face and how are those being solved by them.”

The hard work and persistence that went behind creating Petuk is now being recognised by industry bodies and as a result of which Biplab and his team has been felicitated by several rewards. He has been identified as the “Best Emerging Entrepreneur 2021” followed by “Most Influential Young Leader 2021 – 22”. Petuk has also been recognised as “India’s Greatest Brands 2021 – 22”, while he himself has been named as “WBR CORP UK LTD’s  45under45”.

Before signing off, Biplab advices to all the young entrepreneurs out there to remain focused in their respective line of business and work hard. Short-cuts would take us nowhere. Success takes time but eventually would come, but that long wait shouldn’t demoralize us.

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