Empowering the underprivileged section of the society through her philanthropic works

Tina Phogat – Founder, Geetanjali Care

Geetanjali Care, founded by Tina Phogat in 2022, is a non-profit organisation that is a result of endless dreams and aspirations of connecting with people from all walks of like and introducing hope and possibilities for the underprivileged sections of the society and women empowernment.  The NGO has been introduced with the noble intention of lightening lives of the poor and the downtrodden ones. The team is single-mindedly dedicated towards bettering the lives of those around them and the ultimate goal is to touch the lives of children and women in need in a positive way. In the near future, it wants to expand so as to to empower the needy ones with the required resources and tools. In the process, it wants to tie up with as many organisations as possible those are willing to put up a smile into the face of the sufferers.

Primarily Geetanjali Care accentuates on child education. By associating with several recognised educational institutions like schools and colleges, it plans to make meaningful contributions so that the school can enable themselves to give quality education to the children by getting them books, stationery, and other important resources. Furthermore, since a woman’s biological health is of utmost importance and therefore the NGO shall be financially empowering the needy women by making dependable health services readily available to them. Moreover, multiple times, it has been observed that getting a girl married becomes a financially draining experience for her economically deprived family. Geetanjali Care pledges to help such families so that the daughters of unprivileged families can also experience a dignified wedding.

Tina has been the driving force behind this noble cause. She personifies unmatchable compassion and virtues, and  advocates the principle of “sharing is caring” in her demeanour. She has always been positively inclined towards extending her helping hand towards people in need of financial aid. She has always been forthcoming in demonstrating her kind behaviour in all her societal engagements. In order to manifest her desire to contribute more significantly to the cause of the needy ones by supplying them with the required resources, she’s delightfully introduced ‘Geetanjali Cares’. With great enthusiasm, she has consolidated a team of youthful, positive and highly motivated individuals who will be helping her make this planet a more beautiful place to live in. Through her work, she wants to irradicate poverty, gender based discrimination, unhygienic surroundings, illiteracy and lack of platforms for women, especially in rural areas.

According to Tina,

“Whenever I see downtrodden and needy people around me, I don’t want to stop at by just being sorry for them. I want to change their lives for the better. This mindset to connect and help has encouraged me to come up with Geetanjali Care.”

With her strong will power and using all resources, she is definitely going to conquer all the odds and create a better place for the underprivileged. She wants to spread out positive narratives of her work, so that more and more people are encouraged to contribute and be the part of a greater cause. Such noble intention can only bring in a societal transformation.

She takes professional inspiration from her family and Mr. Sunil Sisodiya, Founder of Geetanjali Homestate Pvt Ltd. The real estate tycoon helped her learn how to work hard to achieve her dreams. His relentless desire to be successful and to help others has ignited the desire in her to be a successful entrepreneur and to do good for people in need. So far the journey of Geetanjali Care has been smooth, as its founder focuses only on the positive aspects and takes up the challenges as and when it appears. On self-assesment, she feels,

“I am ambitious, compassionate and a determined person. These traits have helped me to be as honest and as authentic in my work as it can be.  My only goal is to work for the betterment of the society. Since we’re living in an underdeveloped country, there are always opportunities. All we need is a vision to identify them.”

This young lady feels that when your intentions to help others are in place then you will always find a way out. She have had several feathers to her cap in a very short stint, which cpeaks volume. Business Mint identified her as the “Best emerging women entrepreneur 2022”, while Brand Impact awarded her the “Certificate of excellence by right choice awards 2022”. She bagged “Outstanding award for professional excellence 2022” from Women Icon and “Real Super Women Award 2022” by Forever Star India. Foxclues felicitated her with “India Prime Icon Award 2022”, whereas Fireboxx identified her as “Best social impact startup of the year 2022”. Blindwink’s “Global Icon Award 2022” also goes to this young philanthropist.

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