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Tithi Mange & Nirmal Dhirawani – Co-Founder, Line Studio

Line Studio was created in 2019. Since then, it has grown into a family of creative and innovative interior designers and workforce who are committed to excellence and unparalleled design. They believe creative designs are the result of meaningful dialogue and trust between the interior designer and their client. In every project, hence they strive to fully understand their clients’ needs and apply their feedback and ideas into future designs. They use their expertise to ensure that the end result is as professional as possible. Line Studio is currently been run by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs – Tithi Mange & Nirmal Dhirawani, one with Interior Design background while the other is from hospitality sector.

As a kid, Tithi was keen on doing something different, interesting and that is how she ended up at “Rachana Sansad School of Interior Design”. The 3 years at Rachana’s were a game changer for her. After graduating in 2017, she worked for a couple of years with some amazing architects and designers. But the urge to learn the details of the business, what goes behind a successful site handover and handling own projects is how Line Studio was born. Tithi informs,

“We started this firm in 2019, with a very small 1 Room Kitchen project in hand. With every project, we grew as individuals and as a team. The journey has been exciting so far.”

Nirmal comes from a hospitality background, and had worked with big names like Marriott, and Oberoi. He has always been inspired with beautiful restaurant set ups, lavish lobbies and glamorous hotel spaces. That’s when he started freelancing with Line Studio. COVID situation had a huge impact on his new restaurant that had to be shut a week after the opening due to the pandemic lockdown. That eventually made him completely focus on his second calling i.e. Line Studio. From doing freelance projects with Tithi to becoming full-time partner in Line Studio, he adapted to the post COVID market changes. He thinks that Line Studio has been one of his best decisions, and are striving every day to make it a success.

Line Studio has completed over 25 projects in Mumbai that’s designing over 35,000 sq ft of space so far. As per Tithi,

“We try to create more job opportunities for the labour community. We try to create a safe work environment for them at the site, and pay for their health insurance to ensure they feel secure. We believe, we can only grow if everyone (our designers, on-site team and labours) have a sense of responsibility for the projects, because alone you go fast, but together you go far

They specialise in luxury residential interiors, but now exploring Commercial and Hospitality projects and looking forward to work Pan India. They consider Sarah Sham as their inspiration, because she is so vocal about the struggles that designers face in day-to-day hustle. She handles her team so well, has a disciplined schedule and is extremely enthusiastic about her work. Both Tithi and Nirmal really look up to her for the impact she is trying to make on the Designer Community.

Like any other entrepreneur, Tithi too had to face some hardships before gaining momentum with her venture. The major roadblock came in from contractors who call themselves as “Designers” and snatch away a project. It got difficult to explain to some clients why the fees they charge is more than the so called self-proclaimed Designer contractors. From then on, it was a conscious effort to stay away from contractors who would pitch for the same project and client would ask to match their quotes. Another major issue has been the drastic increase in the raw materials prices, and shortfall of labour post COVID lockdown phase.

But it was exciting to start from scratch – building a team, getting office space, buy new electronic gadgets and latest software. The dedication to create some amazing living spaces, however is the biding factor among all these. Going forward, business looks strong, as people will buy homes and would want to create awesome living spaces as per their taste and lifestyle, and that’s when interior designers will play a major role. Every project teaches new experiences, which is then carry forwarded and implemented in future projects. Now due to climate change and global warming, it is necessary to take a conscious call on the materials used and disposal of the debris. Line Studio is thus looking forward to clients who would like to use sustainable and eco-friendly products for their projects.

Each and every client and project is unique in its own way and needs a different approach every time. One Successful handover leads to lots of new references and prospects, hence focus on every small or big project is necessary to create a chain of opportunities and have your own market share.  It is extremely important to understand what the client wants, why is he/she asking for certain things specifically, and their day-to-day lifestyle. If designers try to force their experience and expertise on the client without understanding their requirements, the end result might not be satisfactory.

Being recognised as the “Most Emerging & Promising Interior Design Firm of the year 2022, Maharashtra” by National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards, both Tithi & Nirmal are looking forward to take their venture to a new level.

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