Intelligently creating aesthetically beautiful spaces for her clients

Raksha Agrawal – Founder, D-ARC Studio, Paratwada

In 2019, after completing her post-graduate in Architecture, Raksha Agrawal decided to chase her passion and opened up her own venture. D-ARC Studio was thus created to curate space design for their clients in and around Paratwada.  Raksha was passionate about architecture and design from a very young age, as a result she chose to get into the same discipline and study various aspects in the process, so that she becomes fully equipped with wholesome knowledge about the subject and its latest industry trends. Various challenges compounded together has been key to her learnings and shaped up her personality. Hard work and persistent are two most important pillars that have been constantly pushing her towards finding the best version of herself with respect to the work she has been doing. According to her,

“The idea of starting my own firm has its roots from times when I was pursuing my post-graduation, which gave me enough time to find my own way of going altogether in this vast area of architecture & design and nurture my understanding of the same.”

So, entrepreneurship was planted deep inside her during her college days itself.

In last 3 years, D-ARC has been consistently creating delightful customers around with their spectacular concepts and designs. Digital architecture is one such area where they tend to keep their interest high and cater to the tailored needs of various consumer/clients.

In this highly globalised and interconnected world, impact of development has a lot to do with the sociology of people and societies that are part of larger domain. For example, Vaastu and its placement has a specific and special importance in Indian tradition and culture, and to make sure that all boxes are checked well and are in proper order, D-ARC have to constantly make sure of its delivery of services. The main idea is to have a cohesive and coherent society which is ready to face adversity that comes with changing forms of problems in modern times.

Since her academic stint, Raksha has always been fascinated by the synthesis of digital design and technology with the architecture. This has also led her to work on a project in her Masters on futuristic arial fabrication using drone which was also nominated for award at national level on various platforms. Digital fabrication is one such area of specialisation that she champions & which also helps her to cope with multiple issues and troubles of designing. Inculcating the idea of adding few aspects of digital technology to our traditional and conventional ways of making infrastructure will definitely make lives easier and feasible in all verticals of architectures and designers.

Having the knowledge and expertise in digital technology and architecture, is her core competency that automatically solves modern problems of this industry. Right from using optimal space for multiple purposes and constantly changing dynamics of lifestyle, digital architecture is one point solution today and has even more to offer. To add a few 3D printing, use of drones for remote areas and management of work with multiple stakeholders by an application based tool eases the effort put in.

Family has always encouraged her to take an entrepreneurial jump, and her parents, chachu and mentor, Mrs Bhavana ma’am are the guiding light of her life and she looks up to them with high respect and admiration. Her uncle and father, being a civil engineer and a government contractor has been a major contributor to her constant learning and understanding of the smallest details that are required at the start of any project. She attributes her current success to their unconditional support, trust and love.

In this field of work, understanding the needs of the client is the most basic but single most important thing when you initially start to work on any project. Creating a blueprint of their expectations and making that a reality should be the prime objective. In the process, the channel of regular feedback with the client has to be kept open both ways. Client’s involvement right from start to the very end has a lot to offer.

As an entrepreneur the barrier of starting something new with absolutely a fresh vision in mind and to keep that up to the mark when you work on the project is something every architect might have faced and it was no exception to Raksha. The most important learning in all these years have given her various insights and the sole purpose of an entrepreneur should be to fulfil the needs of his/her clients and not run after monetary gains. Priority of quality over quantity should prevail.

To Raksha, her very first projects namely Agrawal Mansion and Bardiya Mansion will always have a special place in her heart. To the newcomers she advices to try new ideas and take risks to pursue end goals. It takes a lot of effort to deliver the actual demands, but if you work with laser focus and clarity, things tend to unfold in their own ways. Keep hustling until you find your way around. She has been Nominated for National Award for Excellence in Architectural Thesis by COA during Postgraduate studies, and has bagged the winner title for “Young Innovative Architect For Excellence In Digital Architecture & Modern Design Planning” from INDIA DESIGN AWARDS 2022. We wish her all the very best.

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