Jury Member for Grand Stand Awards for 3 Years— Rahul Dev

Founder of RD DESIGNS, an architectural firm based in Bengaluru, Rahul Dev is a 28-year-old entrepreneur who started his business at the age of 20. Rahul started the business with only a laptop and today, the business is running successfully.

An innovative architectural designer, with a graduate degree in Architecture Diploma Programming in Interior Architecture & Designing and a passion for creating new sustainable, economical, & practical designs in the field of Architecture, Rahul Dev has experience of 8 years in creating hand drawn and digital designs. He started his journey in the industry by working as a freelancer as well as a full-time architect for prestigious clients. Rahul always had a high vision of achieving creative things with art, craft, and culture.

He founded RD DESIGNS in 2014 and today, the team works on all architectural design concepts, landscapes, interiors, sustainable designs, commercials, and more. Rahul believed that getting your passion into business makes you more successful as you work on what you love to do with more love on it and that’s what motivated him to start his venture.

Rahul considers numerous people as his idol and inspiration on a professional level such as Geoffrey Bawa, le Corbusier, Laurie baker and many more as one often gets inspired by many during the course of life. When he started his business, Rahul struggled with various hurdles as the opportunity was less and he required experience in the field of architecture and clients don’t have faith in newer companies easily.

In terms of the essentials required to get started with this business venture and pursue his dreams, Rahul required high technical knowledge with high skills in software and he also needed to stay updated with situations. Moreover, networking in the industry and with clients also held importance.

Rahul met a lot of people throughout his professional journey as he believed that any business builds on good networking and you must keep trying to succeed this way. Doing so helped him gather leads and grow in the industry. What makes Rahul unique as an entrepreneur is that he believes his projects should reflect his personality and he aims to give his 100% to every project.

He does everything with utmost love, dedication, and care and he believes in working on more environmentally friendly projects, and sustainable ecological projects and his team lives in soil mixed with multiple cultures around them. Similarly, he believes in following the same roots and works strongly with the concepts.

Advice Rahul has for budding entrepreneurs is to focus on the goal and what you want to do with the same dedication. As time goes by, you will see good success so you must never give up on your goals. He would also like to share that design is an emotion connecting people,creating happiness inside of you. He also believes that the environment plays a major role in our lives.

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