Logically transforming and balancing the attributes that influence space usage

Ar. Vishal Charjan – Founder, AVC, Navi Mumbai

Architecture is everywhere in various shapes and forms. It is one of the basic necessities of existence in conjunction with food, clothing and shelter. Moreover, the buildings we stay talk a lot about our culture, thought process, values as a nation and add function and aesthetics to the space and time dwell in. It creates a deep subconscious impact and memories when in tune with the environment. It’s a different kind of intimacy an Architect has with the buildings and the environment it is built into. Architecture is about understanding all the passive and active attributes influencing the space and logically transforming and balancing these attributes into a built-form, practical feasibility, psychology and requirement of the user, spiritually in tune with the surrounding. And that’s what exactly AVC ( has been into since 2007.

Head quartered in Navi Mumbai, AVC has co-ordinating Studios in Nagpur, Pune and Amravati, and is also instrumental in designing projects across Rajasthan, Bangladesh, Kenya and got its association as architectural associate for several engineering companies. These association helps the firm to remain abreast with the current updates in design software and technology.

Vishal Charjan, AVC’s founder is a dynamic architect, and as a person is more into his inner world than the world outside, besides architecture he is also equally interested in philosophy, spirituality, learning music and yoga. Back in late 90s, when every middle-class aspired to have engineers and doctors in their family, his Electrical Engineer father wanted him to pursue software engineering, so that he would have a smooth sailing life ahead. Hailing from a small village near Amravati, though he was put into a good school in the city, he had less exposure of ‘off-beat’ career options then and architecture was something that was least heard about. According to him,

“I always had a creative instinct from my childhood towards spaces, materials and music. So, almost left my town not really on a happy note with my parents and came to Mumbai on my own after my finishing 12th standard. Being at a tender age with minimal family support in Mumbai; life taught me its own lessons and showed me the way.”

Recalling his college days, he says that he started working in Architectural firms since his 2nd Year and was an Associate at FSND Architects for 2 Years after graduation. After that in 2008, he started his own firm from his hostel room in Bandra; soon he was asked to vacate the room as it was being used as an office. So, he collaborated with a professional 3D Visualizer who had a 1RK flat in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. That’s how he started giving all his concept designs in 3D when the industry was still working with 2Ds. Since then there’s no looking back and his office has been growing in strength.

Specialising in mass housing, commercial, institutional and interiors as well, AVC is mostly working on projects involving gated communities comprising large scale integrated high rise housing with schools, parks, club houses, sports facilities, malls and office spaces. The contribution of such project brings down the pressure over the public infrastructure, provide safety, convince, health, affordability to the buyer and developer, better facilities, good landscapes. The benefits are numerous just imagine when you can get all essential necessities at a walking distance from your home with designed landscape, professionally managed facilities without putting pressure on the urban infrastructure in highly populated country like India.

AVC brings in versatility in their design and that’s their USP. They do not follow any specific design style. One cannot design a house with same ideology for an Engineer and a Fine Artist.  There paradigms and perceptions are different. Understanding client also plays a vital role in providing what they want.

Ar Sohil Valia and Ar Rajesh Kathe, partners at FSND Architects, has been his professional idols. They played a vital role in shaping up Vishal’s career. He feels that passion, patience and persistence, along with strong manifestation can take one to shine in this line of business, and hence something which today’s youngsters should possess. He feels that focusing on one’s capabilities and preparing for self-opportunities will walk towards you.

In his 16 years of existence, Vishal has won many rewards and accolades, which proves his excellence in his service. Some of the noted recognitions are – Blindwink India Design Award 2022 for Architecture and Design Practice in Mass Housing and high end living, Eldrok India Design Award 2022 for Innovation in Interior Design of Residential and Commercial Spaces, Called upon as a University Thesis Juror at LBH College of Architecture, Mumbai  and BVP college of Architecture Navi-Mumbai, Won MCHI – CREDAI Award 2022 for Best Housing Project Design for the Project Garden City Amravati, and have been felicitated by Chief Minister Maharashtra for Shiv Smartha Smarak JNPT.


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