Pioneers in brass components, this entity is serving MNCs for two decades

Neeraj Chhapia – Founder, Parth International, Jamnagar

Neeraj Chhapia, the dynamic entrepreneur started his venture named Parth International ( at the age of 20 and over two decades down the line, he has formed a legacy in manufacturing and distribution of brass components from his Jamnagar factory. Coming from the banking family , studied computers from Pune, he always had an intention to come up with  something innovative in competitive world of business and willing to do so made him have his own patents of industrial product and serving to OEM’s. Established in 1999, Parth International is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing & exporting of brass and non-ferrous forgings and machine parts. Neeraj proudly announces that,

“One of our patented product, safety valve has served Indian home appliances industry over decades, which has better strength and low cost so it directly impacted the finish product and that same affordability was passed on to market.”

Today, downstream companies directly get their requirements from Parth International instead of importing it from China. In future, Neeraj wants to come up with more and more innovative products from his stable, so as to decrease foreign imports to India. The firm’s policy of expansion with continual improvement in the process of Production, Quality & Delivery as per the customer satisfaction & in-house facility of lab Quality Control equipment like Profile Projector, Hardness Tester etc., has also played an important role in fast progress of the company.

It’s an ISO : 9001 certified company involved in manufacturing of brass precision turned & forging components. Neeraj’s primary motive to start his business was to make complete use of innovation, make India self-dependant and cut on foreign imports. To him, Shri Dhiru Bhai Ambani has been all time inspiration. He has been a visionary who always reached his goals and came up with new strategies and ideas – think big, think differently, think fast, think ahead, and aim for the best.

Neeraj recalls that there were challenges at every stage in competitive market  but innovative idea in designing product and coming up with better strength and low cost product along with commitment to give result led to his success. Like a true businessman he got into the roots of the challenges and turned it around in his favour. In his entrepreneurial journey, family support helped him to overcome every hurdle that came his way. He now takes pride in 5 patents to his name on industrial products and he was being invited to host Indian flag in Germany in 2019 which will always remain there and every year he is invited to do the honour. Besides all his professional relations, inter-cultural understanding made him develop strong relationship with Germany.

As a company, they are aware of all the metallurgical composition and its capacity of strength of particular composition in brass material due to such experience we are able to use exact composition for particular part depend upon its usage and importance of fitments.

After 2 decades of existence, he believes that being alert and aware with global demand & change to survive in competitive market in future have helped him cope up with bad phases of the market. Being a leader in the segment, he thinks for all youngsters who want to get into this line of business, enthusiasm and willingness with a vision are key ingredients to excel in this line. We hope more such entrepreneurs take inspiration from Neeraj.

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