Lack of authentic & quality product in the market prompted her to introduce her own brand of cosmeceuticals

Bhavini Khakhkhar – Founder, Lely’s

Bhavini Khakhkhar, along with her driving force and support system, her husband Ilesh Khakhkhar, started entrepreneurial expedition in the field of cosmeceuticals through her company ‘Lely’s – The Ultimate Grooming Hub’ ( – a well-known brand for its remarkable beauty products that have earned a trust in the world of cosmeceutical for its effective results and cost-effective range of skincare and haircare products in a short span of 1 year. The philosophy of the brand Lely’s is to be gender-neutral and to celebrate diversity. The belief that everyone has the right to express themselves in their way forms the DNA of the brand.

Sheer determination to give good products to the customer led to the founding of Lely’s. Bhavini remembers her own craving for beautiful cosmetics and make-up knick-knacks when she was young. A vision started to develop in her mind as she observed the teenagers struggling with teen skin problems and self-image issues who were lured by the lovely ads in the early 2000s, which pushed them into buying the best available cosmetic products for skin and hair care. She perceived that those ads were aesthetically very persuasive but when people actually bought them, the products did not turn out as authentic and heavenly as promised. And thus, the idea of ‘Lely’s – The Ultimate Grooming Hub’ was born!

The frustration to give the best and most effective beauty products turned out to be the motivation to create a brand that would provide what it claimed. She promised herself to build the best cosmetic-products line across India which will stand true to the expectation of the buyer.  Now, with two decades of experience in the field of cosmetology and dermatology production, her dream to create a beauty brand that would make buyers happy and satisfied has come true in the avatar of ‘Lely’s – The Ultimate Grooming Hub’.

Bhavini was born and brought up as a down-to-earth girl with goodness and kindness as the core values that she inherited from her parents. She married at a very early age to a successful entrepreneur, author, John Maxwell Team certified coach, trainer, & key-note speaker – a highly intellectual and ambitious man who reflected the same good values and a deep urge to give back to the society. He has been an inspiration to Bhavini, who learned the skills of seeing a gap in the market and stepped in to bridge the same by serving consumers with exactly what they needed. Be it in the arena of entrepreneurship, learning communication skills, or honing leadership skills, they are a strong support system that nurtures and drives each other to realize their full potential.

As a true entrepreneur and team player, she attributes all her success to her employees. She says, “I have a team of the self-driven and self-motivated squad, working sincerely without any outside monitoring. This gives me my creative time to explore new ideas and novel concepts that would propel our growth in the right direction. Being a team player has helped me tremendously as growing together makes the team members feel valued, which eventually boosts the growth of the brand – plus, alone you can achieve so little, together you can achieve insurmountable heights. We, as a team are eternally grateful, happy, and ever-evolving, and are determined to make a difference – to help elevate each person who is associated with us, to make their lives better and more beautiful. As we focus our energies on holistic growth, we are emerging as one of the best companies in our field.”

Being a successful woman in business means different things to different people at different times in their lives. In her company’s teething stage, she evaluated growth solely on making a name for her company. Today her vision has evolved – now being a successful woman in business means making time for family, friends, and herself, while creating value at work. By finally incorporating her passion into her routine, she is beginning to be truly successful in business and life.

Looking around at the encouraging environment of start-ups and the positive entrepreneurship atmosphere of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ she shares one secret with the budding entrepreneurs,

“Always remember – if you have an idea, work on it. Do not let it disappear in your everyday chaos. Learn for it. Grasp the knowledge about it. And let your dreams never allow you to sleep till you achieve them – keep walking and the world will pave a path for you.”

With Lely’s scaling new height of success every day, her heart swells with pride. She agrees that for the brands to continue to remain competitive and have economies of scale, a quick capturing of new consumer expectations being formed and shifting behaviours, and an effective response to the evolving market is necessary and her firm is onto this by planning to develop easy consumer accessible e-commerce, one-click available product apps, and upping the experience on social media platforms by creating a great customer journey approach.

Lely’s story has made its appearances in ‘Innovativezone’ and ‘Victory Tale’, and alongside Bhavini’s effort has been duly recognised by the industry bodies. In 2021, she was felicitated for “Champion of Change Award” by highly respected governor Bhagat Singh Koshiyari. She was the proud recipient of “Indian Inspirational Woman Award 2021” and Lely’s has been recognised as the “most promising beauty brand” by International Glory Awards 2021.

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